• Dismissed Resisting Arrest

    Williamson County

  • Case dismissed Family Violence Assault
    Our client was accused of assault family violence. They were arrested and being held in jail when they hired us. We were able to contact the prosecutor before charges were officially filed and get an agreement to reject the case. As a result our client was released and the case was dismissed within 2 days of hiring us.
  • Case dismissed Sexual Assault of Child

    Hayes County

  • Case dismissed Assault Family Violence Causing Bodily Injury

    At first, the prosecutor did not want to dismiss this because our client already had a prior Assault Family Violence case dismissed in the past. We held our ground and argued for a dismissal based on self-defense. Further, the victim did not want this prosecuted and we submitted an affidavit of non-prosecution. Based on our review of the evidence and possible hearsay exceptions, we knew the State could not prove their case. This client drove into town for each court setting, so we were cognizant of trying to get this resolved quickly. They only had to come to court twice before leaving with a dismissal in hand. 

  • Charges rejected Sexual assault investigation

    Our client hired us when officers asked him to come in for questioning. We became his voice for law enforcement questioning and were able to explain to officers that the victim's account was not plausible. The officer and ADA declined the charges and no charges were ever filed against our client. 

  • Dismissed False Report to Peace Officer

    Hays County

  • Motion to Revoke Withdrawn Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon
    We had a client charged with Aggravated Assault with a Deadly Weapon Family Violence.  We were hired early in the case.  As a result we represented the client at a protective order hearing.  During the hearing we cross examined the alleged victim and were able to show that she had additional evidence that she had not provided to the police or prosecutor.  The case was reduced to a misdemeanor and eventually dismissed as a result.
  • Case Rejected Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child
    We had a client charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of a Child.  We were hired early on in the case- before indictment.  We were able to get and review the discovery quickly.  We met with the client and discussed what the discovery showed.  We always want our client's perspectives.  Our client gave us valuable information that we were able to investigate and provide key information to the prosecutor.  As a result we were able to begin building a strong defense case that resulted in the case being no billed and rejected.
  • Case Rejected Criminal School Disciplinary case
    We recently represented a juvenile client. He was accused of committing a crime at school. As we usually do, we represented him during the associated school removal hearing to make sure no evidence could be gained that would be used against them in the criminal process. We worked closely with the prosecutor to get the case rejected. We understand the importance of keeping juvenile clients record clean and doing everything possible to divert them from the criminal justice system
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